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Stay Safe Out There

The future’s coming at us fast, and it’s never been more important to safeguard your privacy and your digital footprint. offers the groundbreaking Private Proxy solutions that will keep you a step ahead. 

Dedicated Private Proxies: Your Internet Privacy Front Line

You’re a digital VIP and you deserve a best-in-class personal bodyguard—that’s your dedicated private proxy. Whether you’re a social media manager, a market researcher, or an SEO maestro, you know the importance of using a static IP. A dedicated private proxy by is exclusive to you, keeping your connection stable and secure, and your identity consistent. 



There’s only one user on a private proxy: you. That means all that bandwidth is yours alone. Reap the benefits wither higher speeds. 


💯 Success Rate

The success rate of a dedicated private proxy beats out a shared proxy because it’s exclusive to one user. It’s a fresh proxy, and it’s all yours.  


Bypass the Hassle of IP Blacklisting

Want to steer clear of IP blacklists while you’re scraping or data mining? A private proxy means you’re in total control of everything that happens on your dedicated IP. 

The Best Private Proxies for Web Scraping

We’ve got your back. isn’t just here to provide alternate IP addresses and leave you to it—we’ve got the dedicated support, unlimited bandwidth, and diverse IP locations to keep your operations running smoothly. is the dependable proxy manager you’ve been looking for, whether it’s for SEO monitoring, web scraping, or simply escaping geo-blocks and bandwidth limits. Maximize your access and anonymity with our private proxies. stands out from the crowd as your genuine ally in digital privacy.


Scrape, browse, and do it all at warp speed.

19 Geolocations

Access over 19 geolocations with our residential proxies. 

Effortless Control

Manage all your proxies and access your API from our straightforward, user-friendly control panel.

Total Anonymity

Stay anonymous by paying with cryptocurrency. Our no-logs policy keeps your proxy usage private.

Did we mention the Unlimited Bandwidth?

Get unlimited bandwidth with any of our Shared Proxies, Private Proxies, Premium Proxies, Residential Proxies, 4G Proxies, and 5G Proxies. 

We provide the support to keep your systems at their best, so that you can breathe easy. 

Check out how stacks up against other Proxy providers:

Unlimited Bandwidth
Anonymous connection
Anonymous signup (via cryptocurrency payment)
Curated proxies
Most cost -aving over time

Other Providers

You’re charged per GB of traffic
May log your activity
No anonymous signup (credit card payment)
Proxies aren’t hand-picked
Bandwidth charges and hidden fees raise the cost

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