5G Proxies

The Genuine Mobile Speed of 5G

5G mobile proxies are the most groundbreaking proxy solution, and they’re here to give you access to staggering speed, outstanding connectivity, and the best in anonymous, secure internet browsing. Access the web with a 5G mobile proxy, especially from anywhere in the USA, and you’ll simulate the activity of a genuine mobile data network customer. 

5G Mobile Proxies: Anonymity that Can’t Be Beat 

Keep your web presence private and secure by using a 5G proxy that routes your connection through a 5G device. You’ll be assigned an authentic residential IP address, so that all your activity done through the proxy will look like an average home internet user. Proxy.com’s 5G residential proxies go one step further, using IPs that look like they come from a non-commercial residence, keeping you safe from server blocks and firewalls. 



Our 5G proxy prices are the best available. Get the added benefit of unlimited bandwidth, keeping you working at peak efficiency. 



5G Proxies are mobile, which makes them highly anonymous. We also keep to a strict no-logs policy, and allow you to pay anonymously with crypto.



Our 5G Proxies are highly dependable, and all our proxies are backed up by our world-class support. We provide a dedicated mobile proxy you can trust, and you’re guaranteed a 99.9% uptime.

Using 5G Proxies for Web Scraping, Ad Verification, and SEO

5G mobile proxies are leading the online security and anonymity revolution. They act as a shield between mobile devices and the internet, masking your original IP address with another legitimate IP—a must when you need to get around geo-restrictions, or engage in web scraping or ad verification. With a 5G proxy, you’ll operate under an IP that’s sourced from a real mobile data network, making your web activity look like it’s coming from an authentic mobile user. People and businesses who choose a 5G mobile proxy service operate while keeping a super-low profile. With a mobile proxy from Proxy.com, your privacy is secure, and your operations will have all the bandwidth they need.  

Why Choose Our 5G Proxies?

300 MBPS

Scrape, browse, and do it all at warp speed.

Many US Carrier Geolocations

Choose between multiple different US carriers. 

Open Browsing

Organic access to a world of information with our 5G mobile proxies. 

Total Anonymity

Stay anonymous by paying with cryptocurrency. Our no-logs policy keeps your proxy usage private.

Did we mention the Unlimited Bandwidth?

Get unlimited bandwidth with any of our Shared Proxies, Private Proxies, Premium Proxies, Residential Proxies, 4G Proxies, and 5G Proxies. 

We provide the support to keep your systems at their best, so that you can breathe easy. 

Check out how Proxy.com stacks up against other Proxy providers:


Unlimited Bandwidth
Anonymous connection
Anonymous signup (via cryptocurrency payment)
Curated proxies
Most cost-saving over time

Other Providers

You’re charged per GB of traffic
May log your activity
No anonymous signup (credit card payment)
Proxies aren’t hand-picked
Bandwidth charges and hidden fees raise the cost

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